Friday, July 30, 2010

Small Buy of the Week: Cost $1.79

I got this item on Ebay for a grand total of $1.79. That's including shipping mind you. It was a buy it now for a set of two tea steepers!

Many asians, including me, drink loose tea. This cancels the need for special cups and prevents tea leaves getting into your mouth.

Asian Novelty Beauty Items

If you are familiar with Asian "gimmick" or "novelty" items, you will recognize the items below.
You can see these on Ebay and on the streets of Asia.

First off, we have the face molders. These are ridiculous.
For some reason, they use Caucasian references, like putting French on the packaging to convince Asians that these are quality products. In reality, these products are not sold in the Western world.
Ok, so Asians are obsessed with small faces for women. It is a very important aspect of being considered attractive. The above item supposedly slims down the face by massage. Ok, in my opinion, this is ridiculously useless... However, accupuncture and accupressure have been proven to be effective! Either way, don't waste your money on it!

This tool improves the profile of a person's face by creating a more desirable angle of the nose. Meanwhile it squeezes the nose into a narrower shape. Again, I do not think this would work. I'd imagine you'd just end up with a very red nose after using it for a while.
Again, this is to make the face smaller. You are supposed to wear it while you sleep. This thing just looks hilarious. I don't know how anyone would manage to sleep with that on. And, once again 0 science behind why it would work.

So far all of the products that we've talked about don't work. But the below do!! Check these out:
First we have sponge ball curlers. They come in packs of 6. If you've got thick hair, you will need 12. But, the great thing about these are they are SOFT, so you can sleep on them. When your hair is 90% dry, put your hair in these and sleep on it. It's that easy!
Razor comb- cut angles and layers into your hair with these easily!
This pic shows the sponge ball curlers and a bang styler at the bottom.
Last but not least, the zit/blackhead remover. Poke the unsightly bump with the pointy end and squeeze out the zit with the other.
You know, when you pop a zit with your fingers, a lot of the times, it makes the zit worse OR creates more zits around the original zit. This thing prevents it and makes the whole process PAINLESS. Even my husband likes this one.

Best thing is, you can buy these items each for just a couple of bucks on Ebay. Shipping takes a while because of the cheap cost, but the prices are unmatched!