Thursday, July 26, 2007

The death cat

Check out this article at associated press. It's about a cat that predicts when people die...

And, then, there is this article that just made me so sick... I hate people who are cruel to defenseless animals. It happens more often that one would think. Someone had put in cats into the dryers at one of the dorms at my college. SICK!
And, then earlier this year, there was a highly publicized story about how these kids had put a puppy in an oven.

Anyway, this article is about how these "sexy beauties" (more like disgusting, ugly, immoral women) are filmed stomping live animals to death with their high heels. These Chinese films I guess cater to a fetish... That's freaking messed up! And, look at the ugly (inside and out) lady in the photo... How can that be construed as attractive?
China really needs to put some regulations up for animals! They have all these other strict rules, but some things are completely disregarded... Sick, absolutely disgusting... I can't believe these films that are sold at about 2 dollars are said to be popular!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Hula Hoop

Here is my attempt to do a little exercising.
But, no, I can't be normal, I have to buy an Asian hula hoop. Oh man, is it painful.... I filled it with rice so it would weigh 4 pounds... I initially put in enough where it was 5.5 lbs... way too painful!

Here it is:This picture is funny because my cat is TERRIFIED of the hoop. Everytime, I pick it up, she will either hide under some window drapes, hide under the trampoline or run into the farthest room from where I am at... It's a good thing that she's scared of it, because it would be so bad if she ever got hit by it.
This is why it makes it so painful... The crazy bumps on it!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

July 4th!

Happy 4th of July!
Actually, the first few pics are taken on the third. I thought we were going out to watch fireworks as they were being set off on both dates... But, after taking the effort to curl and fix myself up, I found out, we weren't going... We did go get sushi though... YUM!
Ok... haha... The first pic is my eye normally (with makeup)... the second pic I photoshopped to have the circle lens that I talked about earlier in another post.
with circle lens:
Eh... I don't really understand this whole circle lens thing.... eh whatever. Below are pictures of my full face (first: without circle lens, second: with).

Ok... So the real 4th of July started off with us going to Robocup! My boyfriend has very good coverage of this event. Actually, he was even linked by Engadget. He took more pictures of humanoids, videos, etc. I took a bunch of silly photos. Go to his page for more coverage. The dancing robots was a Junior event, so it's pretty impressive that young kids were able to create these robots. The robots' movements are actually a lot more sophisticated than one would expect. Here is team China with dancing peacocks.
This was Israel's, performing a traditional dance... pretty neat actually when in movement.

Some crazy soccer playing robots:

For the night, we joined some friends to watch fireworks.
I don't know how this picture came out, but talk about a bad picture of myself! I don't know how the bf knew to put on a scared face... we didn't plan this photo turning out the way it did.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I don't get it.... Why would you make love when you already have love. Look, it's the last ingredient!

Monday, July 2, 2007

So Asian...

I am the epitome of Asian pride! I LOVE LOVE being an Asian in America... Yes, I know this sounds stupid weird.
As I get older, it seems that this Asian power seems to take over me more and more.

So, recently, I've been trying to get my Mandarin to where it's supposed to be, watching lots of stupid Asian dramas... These shows make you cringe at times due to the overdose of cheesiness and repetition...
And, also, very recently, I joined the Soompi forum... basically, an Asian forum to share information... I go there mainly for skincare... ew... been breaking out so badly recently! And, no, I'm not going to show any pictures of it.

So far, I've learned so much... first is the spiky hula hoop. It's a heavy hula hoop that has spikes... and yea... I ordered one off of ebay. It's so crazy... when you first start off, you might get bruises, but it's supposed to be great for your body... I know you're laughing at me.
 Fitness Item-Hula Hoop
Second is the Italy towel... yea... I know... real Asian for having a European name. Well, it's used amongst Asians most though, especially Koreans... I guess every Korean has this.
You know sometimes when you've soaked in the bath for a while and then you rub your skin really hard around your ankles, this yucky gray stuff comes off? I really hope I'm not the only one... well, it's for that. That gray stuff is actually dead skin and with the Italy towel you can remove a lot of it from everywhere on your body! yeesh... People who have it say you just see all this gray stuff coming off of you all over! I guess you're not supposed to use it all the time, but every once in a while it's supposed to be great for the skin....
ok... what other useless stuff can I drone on and on about?
oh yes, I know...
I have come to the conclusion that Asians want to look like Grey aliens. One comment on the Soompi forum went like this:
All Asians photoshop their eyes to be bigger, their mouth smaller, and adjust the lighting till there is no nose...
lol... and then, I came upon this: CIRCLE LENS!
I saw this when I was in Taiwan, but didn't think about it too much.
Now, I know... Circle lenses are the same as contact lenses, except they make your iris bigger. Thus, you have less white, and more iris in your eye. I guess it has an effect of making your eyes super big looking.
But, haha... I couldn't help thinking that reducing the amount of white in one's eye and making the black bigger is kinda alien like...
Doesn't look really weird, does it? It actually makes the eyes really pretty...
Oh yes, they are very popular in the East, but they are bad for the eyes!!! Also, this brings a whole new meaning when I see an anime drawing now... their irises are super big...