Friday, July 29, 2011

My New Obsession: Cute Japanese Moss Balls : Marimo!

Marimo is a special moss that grows in a spherical shape underwater. They are somewhat popular as a plant pet as they are very low maintenance: Keep it in low light or artificial light, and change their water every week or 2 weeks, and that's pretty much it!

They can only be found in a few spots around the world naturally. Taking good care of Marimo supposedly brings good luck according to Japanese folklore.

They are OH SO cute and unusual!

Marimo in its natural habitat!

Anyway, I ordered 5 Nano Marimo Balls or you can get a Giant Marimo Ball!

I don't have an aquarium... I can't stand having fish or any other animal that pees and poos in a giant tank. It makes me feel dirty. I used to have a big fish tank with guppies when I was in high school, and it always gave me nightmares.

I'll have to give an update when I receive these. I hope they look like smaller versions of what is in the pictures (crosses fingers)!