Wednesday, October 31, 2007

wii fit

Anyone who knows me knows that I never exercise. If I were to exercise, it would have to be fun, and that I wouldn't need to drive to my exercising place.

I have found a solution:
Wii Fit! It's a new game that includes a balance board. This board is sensitive to the balance of the human using it. Some modes in the game include: push-ups, yoga, step routines, dodging balls, etc.
The release date for Japan is only in one month for about 75 USD. That's about 15 dollars more than the usual Wii game. But, this game will probably be a must have as it is quite innovative. The best news is that companies like Square Enix are going to try to develop new games using this board.

I love Wii... It's really the only console I've ever gotten into.
Although, when I was really young, I remember going to my friend Soo's house to play Mario. Other than that, consoles were always banned at our house. This is also my excuse for sucking so much at video games. And, it's a valid excuse!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Red Rain Cells

Has anyone heard of red rain cells?

In 2001, they fell from the skies in India. They replicate and thrive at 300 degrees Celsius and 300 pounds per cm^2. Plus, no DNA is found! Probable extraterrestrial evidence or prehistoric domain of life?



Let me start off with saying that this entry is going to be a rant, and that, I'm pro choice.

Did you know that every year over 1 million babies will be aborted in the United States?
Anyway, that alone is disturbing. But, not as disturbing as: Slightly over 10,000 children are adopted each year in the US.

I think there are far too many people who do not cherish or understand the meaning of life.

Why is it that all these women cannot and will not go through 9 months of pregnancy to allow a life into the world when they don't have to take care of the child after birth? Yea, pregnancy is uncomfortable and hindering, but there is a thing called
responsibility. If you are willing to risk getting pregnant, you should not just snuff out a child.

Now, it is still the woman's choice in the end, regardless of what I say. And, there are circumstances such as health risks, severe child deformities, rape, etc that do not apply to this.
And, I do know that there are already many children in foster care waiting to be adopted, but most of these kids are not babies. And, unfortunately, most adopters are looking for a baby. And, there are many of them. Most of them wait years before they can get a child.

I don't know when a baby is not just a fetus, when it truly starts having thoughts and feelings, but does that really matter? It's still a potential LIFE. A potential life that is halted because someone cannot be bothered by pregnancy.

And, yes, I know there is an issue with black babies not being able to find people willing to adopt them. This is a very tragic issue...

By the way, well over 50% of aborted children are committed by Caucasian females.
Also, the leading states in abortion are California at about 300,000, with New York following at around 150,000.

From this LINK :
"Abortion averages:
Worldwide, the lifetime average is about 1 abortion per woman.
Likelihood of abortion in the United States:
An estimated 43% of all women will have at least 1 abortion by the time they are 45 years old. 47% of all abortions are performed on women who have had at least one previous abortion."

It's unfortunate that there are so many irresponsible, selfish people in the world.


This last weekend consisted of a wedding (Erica and Brian). Unfortunately, the camera was forgotten at home and thus, no pictures :(...

It was a pretty nice wedding... looked like a lot of work... but it came together very wonderfully. It's always funny to see older people dancing...

Anyway, Bob came into town for the wedding and stayed over at our place. AND, I did remember my camera when we went to the park.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Red Handed

I'm not cuddling...

Ok... I was... Now stop taking pictures so we can nap!

These were taken on Sunday... now, they're wrestling again... argh..

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Something scary

This is a rare frilled shark found 2000 feet down... pretty scary. It's about 5 feet long. They eat other sharks and other sea life.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Miracles really do happen

We have had MaoMao for almost 2 months. We still put him in his office when the humans aren't around, or when we go to sleep. You see... upon the second meeting, my resident cat has been super to the new addition. Almost every time we let him out, Bebe welcomes him with many kitty licks. He in turn gets irritated and tries to nip. At first, he chased and wrestled with her a LOT. Now, he chases a lot less but still way too much. Their fighting or playing (I can't figure what it is) seems so aggressive, and Maomao is usually the initiator.
So, Bebe has always been wary about sitting or laying near him as he is unpredictable in his attacks. But, today, as Bebe was sleeping on the couch (I was sitting next to her on my computer), MaoMao came up the couch to join us. I thought Bebe would leave, and/or MaoMao would attack, but he laid down and she didn't leave! And, they both napped for a while, like this: :) :) :)

MaoMao is a lot BIGGER now. He eats A LOT and poos A LOT.

Sept. 23

We went ruby mining on Sept 23rd. We went through a total of 8 buckets of dirt. Only 6 of them were local buckets (not salted) and had the potential of rubies. Between the boyfriend and I, we found 60 carats. I found 45 carats. My biggest was a 15 carat, which can probably render a 5 carat cut ruby. We didn't have them cut because neither of us are really crazy about jewelry. But, the pic shows my finds. The largest stone is actually garnet... but all the others are rubies. One of Travis's sapphires was not a ruby! I think I threw out my one sapphire that was not considered a ruby because the guide told me he thought it was rose quartz... but, it really didn't look like quartz based on shape and the coloring was super strange. I thought it was pink sapphire but I listened to him and tossed it.

Here's my cutie. He is not very photogenic... I'm serious! He always looks 10 times better in real life. I hope he doesn't get offended when he reads this... It's not that I don't think he's cute in his pictures... but, they do an injustice as he is so sexy. ;) Anyway, he's holding his film canister filled with his ruby finds.

On our way back, we stopped by a local farmer grocer. The veggies and fruits there were so much more delicious than the ones that you find in grocery chains. The apples didn't have the chemical gloss and they smelled beautiful! If you think a rose smells good, you should smell a fresh tomato or apple... it's wonderful! oh... and it was super cheap.