Sunday, April 29, 2007

Off to my Trip!!!

Well, tomorrow morning, I'm headed to Taiwan!
lots of pictures in week and a half...
Everyone, don't miss me too much... haha

Saturday, April 28, 2007

1997 Academy Award's Documentary

I checked out the documentary: Interplast-A Story of Healing today. It was pretty awesome. It won an academy award in 1997.

Interplast is an organization that gets a bunch of volunteer nurses and doctors to go over to developing countries to give free operations to those in desperate need and to teach local doctors and nurses. Generally, the doctors do this at their own cost, and the nurses go during their vacation time. They work continuously on their trip, trying to fit in as many operations as possible. Absolutely amazing individuals! It's beautiful that we have people who have so much love for others.

Made me wonder if I chose the right career... Some people have such amazing power to directly alter the lives of others.
eh... any more schooling and I probably would have died... lol... engineering vs YEARS AND YEARS of medical school and actually having to do a school loan... yea, I'm going to do the lazy track and I can't stand ever owing any money...

alrighty, click here if you want to watch.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Accidently bought 2000 Sheep

Approximately, 2000 Japanese people were scammed into buying a lamb. They thought that what they were getting was a poodle. Poodles are status symbols in Japan, and are extremely rare.

People didn't even realize their "dog" was a fake until an actress on a tv show complained that her poodle would not eat dog food or bark. She was informed publicly that she had a lamb. Embarrassing... Since then, many women have called in to the police about their fake dog.

This is pretty weird!
The sheep are believed to come from Britain and Australia...

UPDATE: I recently got wind that this news might be false... which is VERY likely. I can't imagine that so many people can possibly make a mistake like this.

sorry.... about the posting
Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posting. I've been on a business trip for the past few days... and since I have to wine and dine people, I couldn't really post... and then, on Monday, I will be leaving for Taiwan for 10 days... so sorry to the readers... you're important to me... I PROMISE, after the Taiwan trip, I will have great pics to post and resume full speed!

Friday, April 20, 2007

raunchy doggy doll

I can't believe this exists... I assume there are larger ones for big dogs too...
Looks like Wicket has a new best friend...
I just thought of this... but how does someone clean this out??? yew... yuck!

Tiny Hobbit Home

This is pretty amazing miniature house (aka doll house)... Can you imagine the work involved just in the floor paneling of this miniature home.

This is what the house looks like without it's roof:

Tiny House Website.

smallest LCD

This is real, not photoshopped:

A Microdisplay Unit This amazing screen is used in HMDs and digital camera viewfinders. The reflective LCD display provides an 800x600 resolution in a half-inch screen that uses only 45 milliwatts of energy, as much as ten times less than transmissive displays. (Image courtesy of Three-Five Systems, Inc.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cho Seung-Hui's Plays

Virginia tech massacre was committed by Cho Seung Hui. I usually post pictures up, but I just don't want his picture up on my blog... sickening.

Recently, there has been a lot of media about his past.
There are two things of interest.

Some believe that since he is from Korea that Asians and/or Koreans will be targeted after this crime. I must say that my boyfriend came back yesterday from school and admitted that there was just a little strange twinge whenever he saw a Korean. It's understandable. He's not racist... heck, he's with me.
But, I truly hope that people will not make this a racial issue... The crime did not happen because of race; he just happened to be Korean... If he had been white, no one would be saying, "I feel a little strange every time I'm around a Caucasian."

For those who do grow a hatred for Asians, they were racist to begin with.

Second, point of interest is that people keep saying that he had very dark plays written. I read them. They are weird, but I've read a LOT of plays. I competed nationally in speech (forensics) and have read a lot of plays in my time. Let me just say, I hate reading plays. They're usually just very strange (like incest and crap) or very boring or both... and generally, there just isn't any point. So, although most people are shocked by his plays, I'm not.

I think it is bizarre that he would turn this in for a college course; and I certainly wouldn't ever write anything like it, but I'm just saying:
1. This isn't any darker than a lot of the movies out there.
2. Plays are usually morbid and weird.

Anyway, if you want to take a look at his plays, click below:
1. Richard Mcbeef
2. Mr. Brownstone

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech Tragedy

Liviu Librescu was an engineering professor at Virginia Tech. He held the classroom door closed as his students rushed out through the windows. He also never walked out of Norris Hall.

Yesterday was a very sad day for so many people. While the horrible actions of a very selfish, warped individual were revealed, some amazingly brave and brilliant people were erased from our world.
This really struck home. Just a year ago, I was attending engineering courses with fellow friends. It is terribly sickening that someone would commit such a heinous act. Every time I read something about this, my throat chokes up. It's absolutely crazy... My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Craft: Nerdy and Cute!

ah... This reminds me of an old gift that I got from the bf a few years back. It isn't the same thing at all though. It's actually an Atari Punk console except it's in a light bulb.
But I got a pretty neat idea from it.
451497004 450E5D92E4
Basically, the bf constructed some little miniature people (that were us) and a little dog (which was Wicket, his parents' lovable yorkie) using solder, resistors and LEDs. It was very well done, but very very fragile. And, I was thinking.... wow, it would look so ELEGANT if it had been fitted into a light bulb like this!

Poland's Mermaid Statues getting work done

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(mermaids don't have nipples... lol)

Poland is serious about plastic surgery …even on their mermaid statues. They have done boob jobs and lipo on many of their statues!

It all got inspired by a little place called Ustka, and the trend has followed.

Decades ago, when craftsmen first made the statue, the ideal of femininity was a stout female body type. Now, the town council wants the mermaid to slim down and get some serious chest enhancements. Says a town spokesman: "We are considering altering the mermaid slightly by making her breasts bigger and making her leaner.”

The drastic plastic surgery comes after councillors decided that the mermaid's breasts were too small and her hips too wide.

The mermaids' looks became a hot topic during talks in the city hall on a promotion campaign for Ustka.

'She will become more attractive and Ustka will gain publicity.'

lol... this was just way too funny, especially the last comment.. As if some silly statues would promote more tourism... yea... I can just hear it now, "I just have to go see the enhanced mermaids!"... ugh I'm tired of these types of posts... no more about this crap! but still funny...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


First off, I will be going to Taiwan at the end of this month!!!!!
Yay! So, hopefully, I will have a lot of great pics to share with everyone. I'm going with one of my girl friends. Originally, it was going to be three gals enjoying the food and shopping of Taipei, but one of them is still a little young one and couldn't make it. :(

On another note, I was analyzing very deeply on a subject matter.
Last night, I had a nightmare. It was a very unusual nightmare... no monsters, no dying loved ones, no betrayals... I had a dream that my parents nonchalantly mentioned to me that when I was little, I had my ears pinned back, and that if it hadn't been for a procedure, my ears would resemble those of Perot's.

My questions about this are:
1. Why does it matter so much to me, and why does it seem so horrible that another person artificially enhanced me when I was a tiny tot? Why is there such an enormous gape (at least to me) between natural beauty vs. surgical beauty?
2. Why do looks matter so much to me that I have a strange dream like this?

On the note of surgical beauty, I think most of it is ok actually... I may not understand some of it, but for most procedures, it has very little bearing to me. I don't care what other people do. But, I must say I do look down on some people, especially when they get something done like a huge boob job. It shows that the particular woman does not care if they objectify themselves and finds the root of their self confidence from being cheap.

Anyway, I didn't write this to condemn others. My opinions on others don't particularly matter. I wrote this to question myself... so back on topic.

I also watched a 30 minute show today of a woman who has had a career in advertising. She chose and edited ads for magazines. There were several points that she brought up that were interesting to me.
Many commercials and television ads will focus on only one female body part for its entirety. For instance, just a shot of the back of a skirt. Never noticed that, but that is very true.
Female body parts are very often made into objects such as bottles.
Commonly, women of color are decorated into animals such as lions or leopards.
The male will always be taller and/or standing above the female in a picture unless the male is a minority.
I guess the average American sees 3000 ads a day.
Many female picture ads nowadays are created by the dissection and integration of over 10 females to make one "perfect" woman.
And, I guess, according to some study, out of 3 billion women, there are only 8 who can have the measurements of a potential model without surgical enhancement and dangerous starving.

And, you know, the ads in my sister's magazines really bother me sometimes. They're intensely sexual and are targeted mainly to young young girls. A woman's empowerment is always represented in sexuality and beauty.

I really look up to the girls who don't seem phased and altered by media and society, that don't give it a second thought. I wish girl toys were less demeaning, and do not revolve around makeup and fashion.
50 years ago, you would see an ad that would be obviously sexist to almost everyone today. The woman was portrayed to only have three thoughts: children, husband, and cleaning.
But, have we really gone a long way from that? Sure, women have had made huge advancements. I'm an engineer. That was unheard of 50 years ago. However, I think women are still very much objectified, in fact maybe somewhat more, just in a different way. Girls in the 1950s certainly did not have as many issues with their body image as they do now. They say that nowadays 4 out of every 5 women in the United States unhealthily obsess over their weight. And, in the 1950s, I'm sure those ads promoting "motherliness and docility" did affect everyone.

Unfortunately, I'm not one of those girls who can just look past all of it, and not care about looks. But, what's worse is, even though I look up to the girls who truly see what is really important about themselves, I still make fun of them. A girl could invent something grand, and in the deepest little part of me, I'll still say, "she's ugmo though." It's very sad...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Natural Wonder

Pictures of giant crystal cave in <span class=Naica, Mexico" border="0">

These photos are not manipulated by photoshop. They are pictures of Mexico's Cave of Crystals. The cave holds the world's largest known natural crystals. Some of the gypsum are 36 feet long!

In order for such creations to exist, the cave was in rare consistent steamy 136 degrees Fahrenheit.

My boyfriend and I have gone cave spelunking... It's an exhilarating experience that is unlike anything else that I have done, (makes you a little less afraid of dark dark deep holes) but I can only imagine going to a cave like this.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Very beautiful girl?

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oh wow...
Harisu. Famous Asian transvestite. It is amazing... Ok... for the people who do not know who she/he is, let me explain. Harisu was a Korean born boy that went to Japan in 1997-1998 for a series of transgender surgeries. After completing every procedure under the sun, he became a real hot she.
Seriously, there is no way that I would have known that anything on this transexual was "transexual." Everything looks VERY natural. Her boobs look like the same size as mine, and they look just as real!!!
So, I guess Japan is not only amazing in their robotics work but also in their cosmetic medical field.

I guess Harisu is a pop singer... which I also find amazing since I know there is no way I could ever fake a realistic male voice.

This is just crazy since she is one of the most beautiful girls (including real ones) I have ever seen! I think she's prettier than all of the Victoria Secret's models..I think she beats out all of them...There are two models that come close though... but that's just my opinion.. yikes.

Harisu has done amazingly well in Japan and Korea as a pop singer. She is completely open about what she used to be, and she is readily accepted! I guess she is also happily married to a man. But, seriously, when you're that beautiful, even if you did start off as a boy, would it really matter? I'm kinda perplexed. What do you all think? This poses as an especially interesting question to the males out there.

God, all this time, I thought Photoshop was amazing... lol

Oh, and here is a photo of Chen Lili, a Chinese transvestite that was denied the opportunity to compete for Miss Universe because of her male birth gender.

Friday, April 6, 2007

wow... the Japanese are very good at robotics...
Video of Plen in action.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My head got a little bigger

Today, an old friend from college messaged me. And, I swear my head is just a little bit bigger...
This is what he wrote (I have omitted anything that would lend to his identity):

Subject:hot asian...
Message:Yeah _______, ______ chemistry, first time I saw you I was really attracted to you but when I went with you to your room you had boyfriend pictures totally turned me off, I wanted to run away from you. Well I dont know wat I would have done if I hadnt seen you in those pic with your boyfriend I was about to do something stupid thanks God I stopped because you are so hot, no one can keep their hands off you any way , I hope the best of best for you. Sorry for acting weird later, I guess I felt jealous and sorry for being mean and jerk and intorverted.
Okay bye have a great time...

Anyway, he's a really great guy, and I didn't even think he liked me at all... it took me as a surprise. Because when he came to my dorm room, he saw one of my high school senior pics and said, "Who's that? You're sister?" And, I said, "No, it's me." And then, he says, "Oh you look really good in that photo."
Either way, people shouldn't tell me nice things because I swear, my head is already very big. I mean look at all the darn photos that I have of myself up on my blog!

Crack myself up

I talk in my sleep, especially if you initiate a conversation with me while I am sleeping.

Last night, my boyfriend heard me mumbling in my sleep:
Me: Solid colors are full colors. Solid colors are full colors.
BF: Are solid colors good?
Me: Yes.
BF: Why are they good?
Me: Because they're expensive.
BF: Do you like solid colors?
Me: No, they're expensive.
BF: Do you like expensive colors?
Me: No.
BF: Do you like cheap colors?
Me: No.
BF: You like the colors in between?
Me: Yes.
BF: You're talking in your sleep...
Me: No, I'm not!

lol... the weird ways the mind works when one is sleeping...

Monday, April 2, 2007

Life Gem

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My good friend, Andy, wrote a little question for me in one of the comments:
Is it actually possible nowadays to make a diamond from the carbon of a deceased loved one?

Yes. Here's a link to a company that does just that. Not just for humans but also your pets.
Also, if you're willing to burn some cash (VERY expensive!!) , they can do it with a lock of hair also... so a very very traditionally romantic gift can be made.

Are you SERIOUS???
ok... there is a lot of ridiculous news pretty much every single day, but when the news pertains to a general populous, that's when I find it very strange.

So, according to Newsweek, 48% of Americans don't believe in evolution... what? REALLY? Most of my friends do... at least I think they do...
I can't help wondering if this is poll is skewed.
Speaking of which, take a look at this link... This guy tries (SERIOUSLY) to disprove evolution with peanut butter. He is silly enough to believe himself.
As a side note, everyone is entitled to have their own opinions... It's the actions that people do because of their beliefs, that I may be opposed to.
48% ... god, that seems really high...
Speaking of which, on another note, take a look at the flying spaghetti monster god... I can't believe some people thought this guy actually believed what he preached... It's an obvious protest to teaching intelligent design in schools. God, some people are really that stupid, that they can pick up sarcasm???
Basically, if you haven't heard yet about this "religion", this guy shows up to school (during the peak of the intelligent design debate) dressed like a pirate. He is sent home, and he declares that he will sue the school because dressing up as a pirate is part of his "religion." Well, his religion consists of a spaghetti monster that created all... If you want to know more about it, just click above... It's pretty funny...

On another note, according to UK news, the latest trend in Japan is moe otaku, which is collecting images of underage girls... sometimes engaged in overtly sexual activities...
Really? That's gross... I mean I know Japan has international cafes where women will call their customers, "master," and the really violent sexual cartoons in which women cartoon characters are cut, stabbed, blown up, etc during sex... but, I can just chock all this other stuff to being weird or really different from my own culture.
I find the latest trend, moe otaku, horrific and appalling. I know that kiddie porn is legal there (which is sick, in my opinion)... but I didn't think it would ever be a trend...
ugh... can someone verify or deny this? Is this really true?