Friday, August 31, 2007

oh... so I totally forgot. Recently, I made my first big purchase. I bought a 2007 Honda Civic LX sedan in silver. I like it a lot! It was certainly an improvement to my old car... The radiator got a leak and the free-on would slowly leak out, leaving my AC to be absolutely useless. I had recently replaced the alternator and battery! Also, it used to have issues with the coolant leaking, but luckily, this leak was located on a hose. It had a crack in the front window, a dent on the side (my mom says that someone hit the car when she was parked at the grocers)... Someone must have been going awfully fast in the parking lot for a dent of that size...

oh... and the cats... I introduced them this week... I have pics that I need to upload. But, anyway, Bebe has been pretty accepting of the kitten except he just loves pestering her. At first, she would just sniff him. But, then, after the frequent ambushes made by Maomao, she got pretty darn irritated. She hisses at him sometimes, and they both paw at each other... ugh... and at their second meeting, I found the kitten with a mouthful of Bebe's white fur.

According to the web, we have a good pairing according to gender and age. Adult female with male kitten.
People at the office tell me this behavior is completely normal... and I should just let them be while I'm at home.

I had all these grandeur visions of them cuddling together and kissing each others' noses.... hopefully, it isn't too far-fetched.

Monday, August 27, 2007


George Goodman, who wrote the old "Adam Smith" stock market column, wrote: "Men play all kinds of games to give their lives meaning. The game women play is Men."

This is sick, but it's so da** true. Sometimes, I'm really sickened by people's behaviors, and today, I am disgusted with the stereotypical woman.

I guess you can read the above quote in two different ways. You can interpret it as: The women have the real power because the men are underneath their control, or you can interpret it as: Women don't care about anything except attraction, love... etc.

I tend to interpret it the second way.

**If you think this is a feminist post, you are dead wrong. It is the exact opposite.**

As little girls, we play with barbies, already obsessed with proportions that are only possible in photoshop. In fact, the proportions are so ridiculous that when women do attain them through plastic surgery, they end up looking like circus freaks (such as Dolly Parton or Pamela Anderson <--highly doubt they would ever frequent my blog so I will be rude). Let Ken take out Barbie. Barbie bakes him a pie, takes care of the doggy and baby.
In the teens, girls beg for the revealing clothes. It's HARD to find a teen bra that isn't heavily padded. And, why the heck do we have pre-teen thongs that say, "delicious" or "sexy?"
Why? Because the marketers know that most women just want to be attractive to men. It becomes the singular goal for women, and it's sick! If all women were this way, I'd have to say that women ARE inferior to men.
Even as adults, females lack to see that oxygen, and lifetime focus on men. How to get a date, how to dress attractively, bad evil men who take advantage of poor innocent sweet women. To tell your daughter to have scholastic goals is stupid when your own behavior says otherwise.
Doctor barbie has NEVER been popular while shopper barbie flies off the shelf. And, the Lifetime and Oxygen channel will never emphasize on career goals.

It truly makes me wonder if there is another reason why women get less promotions.

It's true that a lot of men (especially young men) put a whole lot of emphasis on looks. But, do we really want to spend our lives with a guy who wouldn't give you the chance if you weren't above a B-cup bustline? Of course not. They are despicable in their own way and do not deserve any time.

I know a lot of girls, personally, that spend hours each morning to get ready. One for hair, half for makeup, half to pick an outfit, etc. And, it's true, men love the results. But true love, what women supposedly strive for, can never be acquired by this.
If a girl is smart and carry her own in any conversation, has passions and can be with/without a man, then, one can really fall in love with this.

True love is important, but it has nothing to do with thongs and baking. It has to do with goals, passion, and uniqueness of the individual.

It is not to say that wearing thongs or watching a lifetime movie is evil. It has more to do with knowing our priorities and not striving to be ditzy.

Hot Computer Stuff

oh... sometimes, I feel like a 6 year old again. Remember when you were little and always wanted to go to Mcdonald's since they had a little toy made in China that was really useless and always ended up under a bed or sofa cushion?

Well, there is a line called "Active Crystals" made by the alliance of Phillips and Swarovski. This is what resulted:
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Such beautiful memory sticks... (sigh...)... I guess heart beat and heart ware are worn as a pendant and carry 1GB of memory. This would be an awesome mother's day present. Fill it up with family photos and give her the stylish heart. (oh... btw, to the boyfriend: I would never want something like this. It is way too much for what it actually is worth).
It's curious that this lead crystal glass is so popular and expensive whereas cubic zirconia which is even more beautiful never caught the high price tag or prestige... they're both synthetic... Marketing is clever brainwashing...
Anyway, the design is beautiful nonetheless:
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oh... and this is a little off the topic, but I LOVE LOVE the ferrari redbook. It's about time they start selling colored laptops in the US. So freaking late! Maybe, we'll start getting some cool cell phones other than the i-phone soon. One can only hope...
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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bebe hates MaoMao

oh no....
So, one of the ladies in the office said that her new kitten and resident cat got along immediately. So, yesterday, I decided to open the door wide open and Bebe saw MaoMao... lots of hisses from Beebs... oh no! So I closed the door... she resumed, nonetheless. She still every once in a while goes to the door of the room that MaoMao is in and hisses... Our sweet Bebe REALLY doesn't like the new kitten! Well, it will take time, and some cat psychology techniques to hopefully turn her around.

Here are some pics of both of our lovely cats.
Here is Bebe being her crazy cute self.
She used to be the sickest kitty at the shelter. :(
MaoMao just looks like a little boy, don't you think?
We were able to pick up MaoMao on Tuesday after they removed his balls, and did a thorough check.

It turned out that MaoMao had coccidia, which is a parasite that causes diarrhea, and in some cases, it is bloody poo... Anyway, it isn't bloody. And, yesterday, his poo became normal shaped. But let me tell you, his poo is gigantic! They are bigger than Bebe's and she is almost 9 pounds, whereas he's probably a measly 1 lb!
And, he had kennel cough and is pretty sneezy.
This is so amazing... the place that we went to adopt him provided us with the medicine for the kennel cough and the coccidia. I know that if I had to go to the vet for those and the check up, it would have been at least 300 dollars. I know this because when we adopted Bebe, she had kennel cough too, and after a 50 dollar coupon, it was something around 90 dollars. And, they missed the fact that she had ear mites!

MaoMao does not have contact with Beebs, so needn't worry about transferring anything. Plus, she's got the shots against kennel cough, etc, and adult cats generally don't catch coccidia.

MaoMao is so funny. He runs so fast for such a little body and goes, "argn argn" instead of "mew."

Monday, August 13, 2007

New Kitten!

So, this weekend, we went to Fulton County Animal Control Center, or also known as Fulton County Pet Services.

This place has approximately 400 animals in need of a home. You definitely get a great selection, and it's very sad seeing all the little animals vying for you attention. Bebe came from the Atlanta Humane Society, and they didn't nearly have such a big selection. Pretty much all the kittens at Humane were spayed/neutered already, because most are pretty much guaranteed a home. It was weird. The humane society had lots of people coming in and out. But the control center had very few people, and many many adorable pets. If you're looking for a small kitten, or a little dog, you'd have better luck at the control center too. Plus, the humane society charged over 100 for Bebe. But, the control center, complete with microchip, spaying/neutering, shots, free bag of food, deworming, etc was for $65!!! That is cheap! I takes a lot of loving souls to even make that possible.

Bebe is an extremely needy cat. She's now 1 year and 3 months old, and she still loves to constantly play and be paid attention to. If you are not dangling a feather toy, or holding her and nuzzling her cheek, she is meowing constantly. So, we got her a little brother!

His name is going to be MaoMao, which means cat cat in Mandarin. He will be coming home either on Tuesday or Wednesday after he gets neutered. He is so tiny, and super sweet. When he got our attention, he started climbing the cage door and mewing constantly. And as soon as I took him in my hand, he was purring like a little motorboat. And he was nuzzling Travis instantly.
I hope he's ok, at least as much as he can be with the neutering process.

It was a heartbreaking experience. There is no way that a person can't walk out of that place with at least one kitten or puppy. It's sad that so many defenseless, sweet, and loving creatures are put to sleep each day.

I will be posting pics as soon as the little fellow comes home.

Monday, August 6, 2007

woo... things to change your mind...

favorite necklace:


I'm one of those girls who have never been that much into gems... but wow... that's beautiful.

And, then, I took a look at their line at amazing... I didn't even bother to try to find out the cost.
fav bracelet (this is the coolest thing and would ensure myself of being robbed...)
fav ring

I don't understand... why can't they make rings that look like this in yellow gold and cubic zirconia??? This is actually an infamous Tacori ring.

It's funny how I know all the famous brands but refuse to purchase them. And, you know how I feel about gems. I prefer the fake over the real.

But... wow... I LOVE LOVE that bracelet!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I am a good daughter!
oh man... I was driving my car to work today and they had a funny discussion over the radio. They had people call in and talk about how they had pretended to attend college and collect money from their parents.

This is ridiculous! I couldn't believe people did this; and, I couldn't believe it happened so much!

All this time, I thought I was a bad daughter. True, I was lazy to an extent and my workload paled in comparison to that of my parents' childhood tribulations, but at least I didn't collect their hard earned cash while pretending to get an education.

That is grand theft!

This one girl would register for classes, have her parents pay, unregister for the classes, and finally, collect the cash. But, guess what she did with the money each time? She'd go get plastic surgery!
Her first operation was to get big boobs. Afterwards, she landed a classy job at the local hooters. At least she did not opt to become a stripper. Her parents have to be proud of her on that one!

See... all this time... I was a good girl. True, I did forge my parents signature for a bad grade... which couldn't have been lower than a B... and I DID get caught... ugh... my hand writing is only so good when I'm 6...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

This Is Charley

Check this out!

Cute Produce

I thought the Japanese only made square watermelons... Well, I guess it would make sense to make them all sorts of shapes

Its price is somewhere between 50,000 and 80,000 yen.

Guess what these are for...

There are molds for cucumbers!

Why all the fuss? So you can get CUTE cute salads like this one!

Call me weird... but I like it... If I ever get a yard, I'm going to make star and heart molds for my cucumbers!

Being an Asian Girl
No...this isn't me... I don't hardly have any baby pics.. but if I ever get a few from the parents, I'll post them.

I love being an Asian girl! I wouldn't have it any other way... I might even be considered a little ethnocentric... but I am NOT racist.

Anyway, I found this on facebook... and it made me smile.
It was under an Asian girl pride group:

we r proud of ourselves because...
1.we r smart
2.we r fit
3.we r not bitchy(most of the timeXD)
4. we always look young
5. we cook real rice
6.we have better skin
7. we have long,straight sleek looking hair
8.we are caring:)and we take care of u if u are sick :P
9. we have pretty and unique eyes =D
10. we are sweet and gentle:)
11.we are loyal
12.we r pretty inside and out, its more than just meets the eye:)
13.we are petite and cute
14.we are good at math so we know how to manage money right:D
15. we can do house chores much better
16.we respect and care for our family alot
17.when we like a guy, we sacrifice alot for him:)
18.we are sensitive
19.we always listen to ppl and we give good advices
20.we are good babysitters! cuz we always babysit our nephews and niecesXD

3 and 15 don't really apply to me... but I do know how to cook a lot of yummy stuff... like the best dumplings that my boyfriend's had... I'm afraid of taking him to China... then, he'll know what are REAL good dumplings... yikes.