Friday, September 7, 2007

i see...

ok... so there's this little voice inside of me that always says that some men don't care about attractiveness as much as personality... etc...

But, according to an article from msnbc:
"Men’s choices did not reflect their stated preferences, the researchers concluded. Instead, men appeared to base their decisions mostly on the women’s physical attractiveness.

The men also appeared to be much less choosy. Men tended to select nearly every woman above a certain minimum attractiveness threshold, Todd said."

sad... so sad... (shaking head)
You know I'm kind and mean at the same time.
By the mean part of me, I'll explain it like this:
All throughout school, I thought people were idiots.
I still think most people don't have a sense of reality. They don't even know long division. Look at how many Americans are in debt, while people across the world have a fraction of a fraction of their earnings but still manage to live somewhat comfortably.
But, at the same time, I feel for these silly people, because in the long run, they pay for it 4 times over.

ok... so back to subject. For all those guys who told me that personality mattered more than looks to them, eat this!

SIDE note***
I think it is hard for most men to be with a wonderful woman who is ugly. They would rather be with a beautiful girl with a bad attitude. That is all that I conclude to with this post.

Also, I do know a guy from latter days who used to get hit on consistently by attractive girls, but later married a less than attractive heavy girl... so you never know...


Andy said...

Keep in mind that living cost is also a fraction overseas. You can get a meal to fill you up for $1 USD in China, but you can't do that here.

In addition, I've come across several research articles on sexuality, and quite a lot of men don't even care about physical appearances as long as their partner is good in bed.

And lastly, for that attractive guy friend you know, maybe he's just into more cushion for the pushin' type girl.

Giddy Bloom said...

yes... things are cheaper... BUT:
Let's say that a cheap shirt in China is $3, that can be 10% of his monthly income in MANY cases. Let's say you buy a cheap shirt here for $8, there is NO way that it can be 10% of your monthly income.

It's still WAY easier to make it here.

My friend never dated big girls until his current wife and had always drooled after petite women... Maybe it is what he likes and he hid it for a while... who knows? ;)

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