Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Travis is my fiance!
On September 29th, Travis proposed to me! We were in Le Jardin Exotique on the side of a mountain overlooking Monaco. We had a trip in France and also spent half a day in Monaco.  

The funny thing about all of this is that I knew about the engagement, way beforehand. Travis is really bad at keeping secrets like these. I knew that he was going to be doing it sometime during our trip abroad and was so afraid that I was going to be somewhat emotionless during the proposal as I've known about the plan for so long. I spent so many car rides to home or the office tearing up just thinking about the moment to be... 
Since the surprise was gone and I was expecting it, I thought it wouldn't be as touching. But, wow, when he got down on his knee, I couldn't even stay standing up.  I just started bawling... like not one tear or two.. but tons... In fact, I heard his voice but couldn't recall anything that he was saying. 
According to Travis, I didn't even say yes... I swear that I said, "of course." But, he claims all I did was say, "mm-hmm."

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