Monday, December 1, 2008

Buy This Now!

This is how I know our society is completely down the crapper. This piggy bank is sold on a website targeted for young girls. They also sell a ridiculous amount of pink stuff and young teenager magazines such as Seventeen... All women of my generation or younger know that only less than 16 year olds read this... 
But, you should buy IT, because it's 10% off! It would be silly to say no to a discount! 

Btw, Yes, I'm cynical.  You don't need to tell me. 


AWY said...

what do you mean <16>? sorry I'm lost.

you're lucky you don't need boob job(s).

Giddy Bloom said...

<16 means... less than 16

People WANT boob jobs; most people don't NEED them... but, hey, if you become a plastic surgeon, more power to you!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well. We hope that we'll get to see you at the end of the year... but the trip is still very undecided as of yet.

Giddy Bloom said...

oops... I see what you mean <16>... thanks for editing! You're the best!

AWY said...

ah~ gotcha hehe...

nah I don't think I'd be plastic.

I do want to do surgery of some kind though.

yay to trip to Omaha!!! except that you're not playing basketball! (NCAA basketball reference thingy, they say road to Omaha I believe)

anyways yes yes I went down to Houston for Thanksgiving. There'll be a post on my Xanga coming up!

lemme know first thing with the trip planning, thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

i accidently surfed on to your page and read it all a couple of weeks ago, why did you quit blogging?? ;(
/elin from sweden

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.