Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beautiful I Phone Covers

I found just about the prettiest, girliest i-phone covers out there. The source was ebay for about $3.50 a piece, SHIPPING included.

The quality is fantastic. They have a slightly rubbery texture but is a hard plastic. But, best of all, the cover just looks very pretty. So far, I have not seen one at a physical retailer that I like better.

The bottom one is the one I have on my phone right now. It's more impressive in person too! There are many different designs like this to choose from. These are just 3 examples.

Just go to ebay and search : girl i-phone cover


AWY said...

That's nice.

I've been getting all my cell phone accessories from eBay for years. They're sooo cheap!!!

Some products are quite fragile though... I broke three hands-free earphones within a few months. O well.

Anonymous said...

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