Tuesday, December 5, 2006

CHEAP cheap- The very best way to buy clothes!

I have always been very trendy. I love checking out new outfits at the mall, and am always searching for new must-haves, and original items.

Recently, I adopted a little kitty, and she has usurped all of my time. Though she was expensive... I had to pay her adoption fee, huge medical since she was sick when I got her, series of shots, two cat trees, tons of toys and other essentials... She has, in a way, saved me a lot of money. Because of her pitiful little mews and constant trailing at my heels, I feel VERY very guilty about leaving her by her lonesome. This has cut down numerous shopping trips.

Well, the other day, Anna's Linens had a great deal on a down comforter, and I just had to get it! I also wanted to take a trip to the mall too to do some shopping for a cruise that I will be taking in a week and a half, but, alas! The kitty!

Anyway, turned out Anna's Linens great deal had expired, but I did manage to go next door to a Hispanic clothing store. This satisfied my mall need without devoting too much time to shopping. The outfits in the front seemed a little too racy for me, but I gave it a shot anyway. Well, let me just tell you, I was amazed! The place was really big, and there were MANY MANY items I would definitely wear. But, get this... a quarter of the clothes were on sale for 3 dollars! And believe it or not, some of these 3 dollar tops would have never digressed beyond 20 at a regular retail store. I ended up purchasing three 3 dollar tops, two soft soft sweaters at $11 and $14 (these were at regular price), and a sexy little dress number for $16 (also at their amazing regular price). The clothes fit amazing too!

So, to all the ladies reading, please don't be afraid of stepping into a store just becomes you might be surrounded by another race. The store was full of friendly people (I even got hit on by a guy who couldn't speak English), great deals, and aside from some upbeat Latin music, there really wasn't a difference... except for the great tag prices!

I will post pictures of my finds soon...

Now, I just need to find a Hispanic shoe store!!! :)

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