Sunday, July 27, 2008

Teeth Tattoos

Picture from toothartist.

Why get a tattoo on your arm when you can be completely original by getting one on a tooth?

This is pretty crazy, but apparently, teeth can be tattooed also. Generally, the tooth that is being tattooed is a molar, which made me wonder how they go about applying the image. To my dismay, the way they put a tooth tattoo on is by adding a crown that already has the image. The image is done by an artist/technician. WAY less cool... It would be way more extreme if you literally got a tattoo on your real tooth!
However, if you change your mind, you can just grind of the image at the dentist office.

The above tattoos don't depict regular results. Personally, I think the crowns above are pretty darn artistic and represent the higher end of teeth tattooing. Cost can range from $75-$500.


AWY said...

but if it's a molar you can't really see it though...

crown on the front teeth usually aren't as strong so...

but I guess everything has its price eh?!

Tibor said...

I had a friend years ago who had one of these. He had a molar with Winnie the Pooh on it so he always had a little poo in his mouth.