Thursday, July 26, 2007

The death cat

Check out this article at associated press. It's about a cat that predicts when people die...

And, then, there is this article that just made me so sick... I hate people who are cruel to defenseless animals. It happens more often that one would think. Someone had put in cats into the dryers at one of the dorms at my college. SICK!
And, then earlier this year, there was a highly publicized story about how these kids had put a puppy in an oven.

Anyway, this article is about how these "sexy beauties" (more like disgusting, ugly, immoral women) are filmed stomping live animals to death with their high heels. These Chinese films I guess cater to a fetish... That's freaking messed up! And, look at the ugly (inside and out) lady in the photo... How can that be construed as attractive?
China really needs to put some regulations up for animals! They have all these other strict rules, but some things are completely disregarded... Sick, absolutely disgusting... I can't believe these films that are sold at about 2 dollars are said to be popular!


Andy said...

Gosh that's so cruel to stomp them to death wearing heels!

At least deep fry or grill!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. They could sell those as comedy videos too. I'd laugh my ass off at that. Actually I'd probably get a raging boner and jack off to it as well.