Thursday, July 5, 2007

July 4th!

Happy 4th of July!
Actually, the first few pics are taken on the third. I thought we were going out to watch fireworks as they were being set off on both dates... But, after taking the effort to curl and fix myself up, I found out, we weren't going... We did go get sushi though... YUM!
Ok... haha... The first pic is my eye normally (with makeup)... the second pic I photoshopped to have the circle lens that I talked about earlier in another post.
with circle lens:
Eh... I don't really understand this whole circle lens thing.... eh whatever. Below are pictures of my full face (first: without circle lens, second: with).

Ok... So the real 4th of July started off with us going to Robocup! My boyfriend has very good coverage of this event. Actually, he was even linked by Engadget. He took more pictures of humanoids, videos, etc. I took a bunch of silly photos. Go to his page for more coverage. The dancing robots was a Junior event, so it's pretty impressive that young kids were able to create these robots. The robots' movements are actually a lot more sophisticated than one would expect. Here is team China with dancing peacocks.
This was Israel's, performing a traditional dance... pretty neat actually when in movement.

Some crazy soccer playing robots:

For the night, we joined some friends to watch fireworks.
I don't know how this picture came out, but talk about a bad picture of myself! I don't know how the bf knew to put on a scared face... we didn't plan this photo turning out the way it did.


Andy said...

cute!!! :D

Circle Lenses said...

Great blog! I love the pictures you take, they are so cute. I can't tell you are wearing circle lenses in that picture. I think you should go for a different color rather than matching your natural dark brown eye color. Love Jess xoxo

JH II said...

you make a beautiful couple, congratulations

Anonymous said...
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