Saturday, March 12, 2011

Do It Yourself:Fancy False Lashes

A tutorial on how to change simple cheap lashes to more flattering lashes!

You may have seen these false lashes before on eBay. They sell for a measly $0.99 shipped for 10 pairs of false eyelashes.

They are not the greatest quality but SUPER great for under $1 for 10 pairs. That's 10 cents for every pair of false lashes. The only problem with these lashes is that they either tend to be too sparse or too thick, never just the right amount of drama and naturalness. Here's a tutorial on do it yourself how to add thickness to false eyelashes!

99 cent eyelashes for every 10 pairs!

You will also need:
scissors to trim lashes
a piece of foil, toothpic, or q-tip to apply the glue to lashes
Ardell LashTite Adhesive (<--recommended) or regular temporary eyelash glue

Step 1: Trim the lashes
I always cut 1/4 of it off like below. I don't like my false lashes to be full length. It tends to be unnatural looking and much harder to apply.

Step 2: I take the ardell lashtite glue and apply a little to the smaller part where the lashes are supposed to touch your skin. Then I stick the smaller 1/4 length lashes to where I want it on the longer 3/4 lashes:

Here is the final result. See how the altered lashes are thicker, it does look much nicer on the eye!

You can be really creative with this. Here's another style that I made using this technique. This time, I used two different lashes: A sparse spikey lash and overly thick fake looking lashes. I cut the a third of the really thick lashes into little pieces. I trimmed the sparse lashes down to 2/3 as before:
Glue them together and voila!:
Hope this helped!

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