Monday, March 28, 2011

Some of My Favorite eBay Buys Under $1 SHIPPED

I wanted to do a little post on some of my favorite things on eBay that you can purchase for just a dollar SHIPPED!
It sure takes a long time to get arrive, but for only a dollar, who can complain?

First thing is crystal necklace charms. These little charms dazzle and sparkle so much in real life. They look VERY MUCH like Swarovski, but at a minimal cost. At just a dollar each, you can collect a multitude of these in different colors and shapes. If you get one, and see how gorgeous they are, you'll want MORE.

HERE is the real Swarovski heart pendant for $100! I think not! I love designer stuff too but not when the cheaper version looks better!

Next up is false lashes. You can get 10 (TEN!) pairs shipped for just 99 cents! They are nice too. I've gotten a bunch of these, and I think they are wonderful. Just don't get the extremely dense ones like these:
I just find these too thick to be natural looking...

Over knee socks or thigh socks! I love these. They are pretty popular in Asia but very hard to find here in the US, ESPECIALLY for such a great price!

Phone covers. Whether your thing is cutesy like Hello Kitty or artistic, they've got one for you and at super cheap! Mine are from eBay and they are nicer than the more expensive ones that I've seen at the mall.
Finally, I just find these sleep masks to be so cute and funny. I've got a husband who loves to stay up really late next to me reading, and eye masks make such a difference for me in getting a good night's sleep.


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