Saturday, April 28, 2007

1997 Academy Award's Documentary

I checked out the documentary: Interplast-A Story of Healing today. It was pretty awesome. It won an academy award in 1997.

Interplast is an organization that gets a bunch of volunteer nurses and doctors to go over to developing countries to give free operations to those in desperate need and to teach local doctors and nurses. Generally, the doctors do this at their own cost, and the nurses go during their vacation time. They work continuously on their trip, trying to fit in as many operations as possible. Absolutely amazing individuals! It's beautiful that we have people who have so much love for others.

Made me wonder if I chose the right career... Some people have such amazing power to directly alter the lives of others.
eh... any more schooling and I probably would have died... lol... engineering vs YEARS AND YEARS of medical school and actually having to do a school loan... yea, I'm going to do the lazy track and I can't stand ever owing any money...

alrighty, click here if you want to watch.

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Andy said...

I guess I'd rather stay in school :-D