Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My head got a little bigger

Today, an old friend from college messaged me. And, I swear my head is just a little bit bigger...
This is what he wrote (I have omitted anything that would lend to his identity):

Subject:hot asian...
Message:Yeah _______, ______ chemistry, first time I saw you I was really attracted to you but when I went with you to your room you had boyfriend pictures totally turned me off, I wanted to run away from you. Well I dont know wat I would have done if I hadnt seen you in those pic with your boyfriend I was about to do something stupid thanks God I stopped because you are so hot, no one can keep their hands off you any way , I hope the best of best for you. Sorry for acting weird later, I guess I felt jealous and sorry for being mean and jerk and intorverted.
Okay bye have a great time...

Anyway, he's a really great guy, and I didn't even think he liked me at all... it took me as a surprise. Because when he came to my dorm room, he saw one of my high school senior pics and said, "Who's that? You're sister?" And, I said, "No, it's me." And then, he says, "Oh you look really good in that photo."
Either way, people shouldn't tell me nice things because I swear, my head is already very big. I mean look at all the darn photos that I have of myself up on my blog!

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