Friday, August 31, 2007

oh... so I totally forgot. Recently, I made my first big purchase. I bought a 2007 Honda Civic LX sedan in silver. I like it a lot! It was certainly an improvement to my old car... The radiator got a leak and the free-on would slowly leak out, leaving my AC to be absolutely useless. I had recently replaced the alternator and battery! Also, it used to have issues with the coolant leaking, but luckily, this leak was located on a hose. It had a crack in the front window, a dent on the side (my mom says that someone hit the car when she was parked at the grocers)... Someone must have been going awfully fast in the parking lot for a dent of that size...

oh... and the cats... I introduced them this week... I have pics that I need to upload. But, anyway, Bebe has been pretty accepting of the kitten except he just loves pestering her. At first, she would just sniff him. But, then, after the frequent ambushes made by Maomao, she got pretty darn irritated. She hisses at him sometimes, and they both paw at each other... ugh... and at their second meeting, I found the kitten with a mouthful of Bebe's white fur.

According to the web, we have a good pairing according to gender and age. Adult female with male kitten.
People at the office tell me this behavior is completely normal... and I should just let them be while I'm at home.

I had all these grandeur visions of them cuddling together and kissing each others' noses.... hopefully, it isn't too far-fetched.


Andy said...

congrats on the new car!!!

I got a new car about 2 months ago as well :)

Anonymous said...

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