Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bebe hates MaoMao

oh no....
So, one of the ladies in the office said that her new kitten and resident cat got along immediately. So, yesterday, I decided to open the door wide open and Bebe saw MaoMao... lots of hisses from Beebs... oh no! So I closed the door... she resumed, nonetheless. She still every once in a while goes to the door of the room that MaoMao is in and hisses... Our sweet Bebe REALLY doesn't like the new kitten! Well, it will take time, and some cat psychology techniques to hopefully turn her around.

Here are some pics of both of our lovely cats.
Here is Bebe being her crazy cute self.
She used to be the sickest kitty at the shelter. :(
MaoMao just looks like a little boy, don't you think?
We were able to pick up MaoMao on Tuesday after they removed his balls, and did a thorough check.

It turned out that MaoMao had coccidia, which is a parasite that causes diarrhea, and in some cases, it is bloody poo... Anyway, it isn't bloody. And, yesterday, his poo became normal shaped. But let me tell you, his poo is gigantic! They are bigger than Bebe's and she is almost 9 pounds, whereas he's probably a measly 1 lb!
And, he had kennel cough and is pretty sneezy.
This is so amazing... the place that we went to adopt him provided us with the medicine for the kennel cough and the coccidia. I know that if I had to go to the vet for those and the check up, it would have been at least 300 dollars. I know this because when we adopted Bebe, she had kennel cough too, and after a 50 dollar coupon, it was something around 90 dollars. And, they missed the fact that she had ear mites!

MaoMao does not have contact with Beebs, so needn't worry about transferring anything. Plus, she's got the shots against kennel cough, etc, and adult cats generally don't catch coccidia.

MaoMao is so funny. He runs so fast for such a little body and goes, "argn argn" instead of "mew."


Andy said...


I want one too >_<

William said...

Kittens are so cute. I have a ragdoll cat and we just acquired a fox terrier. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Sometimes it seems they are getting along then the dog gets stupid. Well she is on a 1 month probation, she better get her act together.