Monday, August 27, 2007


George Goodman, who wrote the old "Adam Smith" stock market column, wrote: "Men play all kinds of games to give their lives meaning. The game women play is Men."

This is sick, but it's so da** true. Sometimes, I'm really sickened by people's behaviors, and today, I am disgusted with the stereotypical woman.

I guess you can read the above quote in two different ways. You can interpret it as: The women have the real power because the men are underneath their control, or you can interpret it as: Women don't care about anything except attraction, love... etc.

I tend to interpret it the second way.

**If you think this is a feminist post, you are dead wrong. It is the exact opposite.**

As little girls, we play with barbies, already obsessed with proportions that are only possible in photoshop. In fact, the proportions are so ridiculous that when women do attain them through plastic surgery, they end up looking like circus freaks (such as Dolly Parton or Pamela Anderson <--highly doubt they would ever frequent my blog so I will be rude). Let Ken take out Barbie. Barbie bakes him a pie, takes care of the doggy and baby.
In the teens, girls beg for the revealing clothes. It's HARD to find a teen bra that isn't heavily padded. And, why the heck do we have pre-teen thongs that say, "delicious" or "sexy?"
Why? Because the marketers know that most women just want to be attractive to men. It becomes the singular goal for women, and it's sick! If all women were this way, I'd have to say that women ARE inferior to men.
Even as adults, females lack to see that oxygen, and lifetime focus on men. How to get a date, how to dress attractively, bad evil men who take advantage of poor innocent sweet women. To tell your daughter to have scholastic goals is stupid when your own behavior says otherwise.
Doctor barbie has NEVER been popular while shopper barbie flies off the shelf. And, the Lifetime and Oxygen channel will never emphasize on career goals.

It truly makes me wonder if there is another reason why women get less promotions.

It's true that a lot of men (especially young men) put a whole lot of emphasis on looks. But, do we really want to spend our lives with a guy who wouldn't give you the chance if you weren't above a B-cup bustline? Of course not. They are despicable in their own way and do not deserve any time.

I know a lot of girls, personally, that spend hours each morning to get ready. One for hair, half for makeup, half to pick an outfit, etc. And, it's true, men love the results. But true love, what women supposedly strive for, can never be acquired by this.
If a girl is smart and carry her own in any conversation, has passions and can be with/without a man, then, one can really fall in love with this.

True love is important, but it has nothing to do with thongs and baking. It has to do with goals, passion, and uniqueness of the individual.

It is not to say that wearing thongs or watching a lifetime movie is evil. It has more to do with knowing our priorities and not striving to be ditzy.


Andy said...

"Go bake me a pie, woman" - Toby Deyle

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