Monday, October 29, 2007

Red Rain Cells

Has anyone heard of red rain cells?

In 2001, they fell from the skies in India. They replicate and thrive at 300 degrees Celsius and 300 pounds per cm^2. Plus, no DNA is found! Probable extraterrestrial evidence or prehistoric domain of life?



Andy said...

It's not that there isn't any DNA, they just couldn't find it.

However, this link below states the that they may have found DNA.

Anonymous said...

It's rather more likely that the red rain was caused by industrial pollution at the chemical manufacture zone in Eloor. Incomplete incineration of chemical waste would match the composition or the red rain particles. The particles could have been formed from an aerosol of partly burnt chemicals around which fly-ash or clay coalesced. The pattern of fallout matches with a source at Eloor,

Check out work by Jack Szostak. He and his team are researching how organic chemicals can form vesicles, particularly in the prescence of clay. This is much more interesting than spores from space.

Check out also the efforts that local people in Kerala have made in recent years trying to stop pollution of the Periyar river by the industries at Eloor, and the fire at the endosulphan plant.

Giddy Bloom said...

thanks anonymous,

I looked up that information. The information on the web is terribly vague but very interesting nonetheless.

I don't know much of this stuff so I really appreciate the input! :)