Wednesday, October 31, 2007

wii fit

Anyone who knows me knows that I never exercise. If I were to exercise, it would have to be fun, and that I wouldn't need to drive to my exercising place.

I have found a solution:
Wii Fit! It's a new game that includes a balance board. This board is sensitive to the balance of the human using it. Some modes in the game include: push-ups, yoga, step routines, dodging balls, etc.
The release date for Japan is only in one month for about 75 USD. That's about 15 dollars more than the usual Wii game. But, this game will probably be a must have as it is quite innovative. The best news is that companies like Square Enix are going to try to develop new games using this board.

I love Wii... It's really the only console I've ever gotten into.
Although, when I was really young, I remember going to my friend Soo's house to play Mario. Other than that, consoles were always banned at our house. This is also my excuse for sucking so much at video games. And, it's a valid excuse!


Andy said...

real fobs grew up without console games.

u have a wii?

Giddy Bloom said...

we were lucky. We got one early on without having to wake up early.

Anonymous said...

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