Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sept. 23

We went ruby mining on Sept 23rd. We went through a total of 8 buckets of dirt. Only 6 of them were local buckets (not salted) and had the potential of rubies. Between the boyfriend and I, we found 60 carats. I found 45 carats. My biggest was a 15 carat, which can probably render a 5 carat cut ruby. We didn't have them cut because neither of us are really crazy about jewelry. But, the pic shows my finds. The largest stone is actually garnet... but all the others are rubies. One of Travis's sapphires was not a ruby! I think I threw out my one sapphire that was not considered a ruby because the guide told me he thought it was rose quartz... but, it really didn't look like quartz based on shape and the coloring was super strange. I thought it was pink sapphire but I listened to him and tossed it.

Here's my cutie. He is not very photogenic... I'm serious! He always looks 10 times better in real life. I hope he doesn't get offended when he reads this... It's not that I don't think he's cute in his pictures... but, they do an injustice as he is so sexy. ;) Anyway, he's holding his film canister filled with his ruby finds.

On our way back, we stopped by a local farmer grocer. The veggies and fruits there were so much more delicious than the ones that you find in grocery chains. The apples didn't have the chemical gloss and they smelled beautiful! If you think a rose smells good, you should smell a fresh tomato or apple... it's wonderful! oh... and it was super cheap.

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