Thursday, October 4, 2007

Miracles really do happen

We have had MaoMao for almost 2 months. We still put him in his office when the humans aren't around, or when we go to sleep. You see... upon the second meeting, my resident cat has been super to the new addition. Almost every time we let him out, Bebe welcomes him with many kitty licks. He in turn gets irritated and tries to nip. At first, he chased and wrestled with her a LOT. Now, he chases a lot less but still way too much. Their fighting or playing (I can't figure what it is) seems so aggressive, and Maomao is usually the initiator.
So, Bebe has always been wary about sitting or laying near him as he is unpredictable in his attacks. But, today, as Bebe was sleeping on the couch (I was sitting next to her on my computer), MaoMao came up the couch to join us. I thought Bebe would leave, and/or MaoMao would attack, but he laid down and she didn't leave! And, they both napped for a while, like this: :) :) :)

MaoMao is a lot BIGGER now. He eats A LOT and poos A LOT.

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come see my potential kitten :D :D :D