Thursday, January 25, 2007

Importance of Beauty
Yesterday, I read an article about how more attractive people earned more money than those who were plain. They're obviously treated better, and they get a whole lot of perks to life...


And, it got me thinking this morning about my little cousin. Last time I saw her, she was 5. Nini is one of those girls that is absolutely gorgeous. Everywhere she goes, people always comment on how cute or pretty she is. And, it's not the type of flattery that is polite; it's sincere.
And, boy! She is conceited! She knows she is beautiful, and already at five, she is an expert at snubbing. All of the kids at kindergarten worship her no matter how cruel she can be.

But, she's so weird. She wants to grow up to become a star, and I catch her pinching her little nose whenever she watches tv. I think she is worried about her nose being too big...
As a little kid, I never even thought about how I looked... but it seems for a little girl of 5, it is all she thinks about.

It's almost as if any extremely pretty little girl is doomed to concentrate on their looks.
But, you know it seems that is what they should be concentrating on... because they'll still get a higher paycheck just from that...

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