Wednesday, January 10, 2007

SMALLEST sculpture and humanitarian laptop

Anyone have an idea of what this is? Believe it or not it's the famous Rodin's thinker at the size of approximately two blood cells... I guess the toes are even visible!

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Many of you have heard of the $100 laptop that was made available to children from developing countries. Well, starting next year, they will start making them available to those who are in better situations like US! But, here's the catch, if you want to call it that, you have to buy 2... one goes to you, and the other goes to a kid who would otherwise not be able to own one. Pretty amazing!
The laptop will consume about 2W of power during normal use, compared to 25-45W of conventional laptops.
A built-in hand-crank generator was part of the original design, but Negroponte stated at a 2006 Linux world talk that it was no longer integrated into the laptop itself, but optionally available as a hand- or foot-operated generator built into a separate power unit.

There's a few kids in here who didn't get a laptop... what's up with that?!?
This is so heartwarming... I think that this is one of the most amazing things to have happened recently to our little world... I can't wait to purchase my two!

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