Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This makes my mouth water...

God... this image just made me realize how silly I am. I saw it and I thought to myself, "I WANT THAT!" I only own one pair of shoes that even come close to being as cute as the ones in this round shoe rack!

To have such pretty shoes... Forget the shoe rack... it can only hold 18 pairs.. psh... as if that would be helpful... God, I can't help being so silly... no use fighting it.

You know... but at least I don't like those ridiculously priced designer phones... that's just excessive... no real technology for a stupendous price! All the fashion blogs keep talking about it... Arg... enough already... You don't have to wear Prada shoes, purse, pants... and then a phone too! You know what? I just got a brilliant brilliant idea. I bet I should market a Prada car. no no... I got an even better one... I'm going to market a Louis Vuitton car... that way, I won't have to worry about how ugly it looks... I'll just have to cover the stupid vehicle with cursive V's and L's!
HAHA... I will be a millionaire!!!

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