Thursday, February 22, 2007

Evil President Bush

AH!! What is he doing now?!?ok... I'm not too much of a bush fan... I'm heterosexual.. no... I'm kidding...
anyway, I can't believe I just wrote that...

His taxes are geared towards the rich, especially the insanely rich... and WHY WHY are there still US troops in Iraq???

Bush helps the rich

and screws the minorities

and, on another note... I cannot blame Bush for this... but, what is up with so many of our soldiers being so damn immoral?!?
Yet... another case... Some of our troops (I'm sure) are amazing people... but some decide that as long as they are overseas, they can do anything to innocent people?!? raping adolescents... and killing civilians, taking embarrassing nudy pictures (embarrassing to the US and to the individuals in the photos)...because you're not in your own country, you can be absolutely disgusting??? ugh... and these are just the ones that get caught (most of which have been caught on camera or photos)... who knows how many cases of this stuff really happens...

YET another horrendous story

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