Thursday, February 1, 2007

No Chocolate. No Diamonds


The U.S. chocolate industry has faced multiple deadlines requiring new protocol, and yet little has changed. Under pressure from Congress, in the Harken-Engel Protocol, the U.S. chocolate industry agreed to voluntarily take steps to end child slavery on cocoa farms by July of 2005. This deadline has since passed, and the chocolate industry has failed to comply with the terms of this agreement.

So in July 2005, International Labor Rights Fund filed suit against NestlĂ© in Federal District Court on behalf of a class of children who were trafficked from Mali into the Ivory Coast and forced to work twelve to fourteen hours a day with no pay, little food and sleep, and frequent beatings. What was NestlĂ©'s response to court questioning? "We are only buyers of a product.”

So, after watching Blood Diamond, it would be disgusting to request a diamond... Such a stupid silly stone for so much... The sad thing is is that most of the people who know this knowledge will still want such a shiny rock.
ugh... but chocolate too? geez... now that's hard... but, I guess chocolate becomes hard to swallow after knowing this.


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