Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Greed... and Diamonds

You know... I've briefly gleaned on this subject before, but I'd like to revisit it.

It all started with that movie, "Blood Diamond." I understand that it depicted a 1990s civil war in the African nation of Sierra Leone, and it is not a present day movie. There have been many regulations and laws set in place to avoid the promotion of blood diamonds since then. And, officials all claim that 99.8% of diamonds are "blood free." Nowadays, all diamonds shipped to the U.S. must be accompanied with a "blood free" certificate...

Now this is just ridiculous... who bloody cares about these stupid little glittery rocks... I mean I understand that they're different from the lab created ones... they didn't sit in the earth for a long ass time .... and I understand that they are indeed the "sparkliest" of the sparkly... but at the risk of human lives? God, you know... and if you just decide to blindfold yourself, and believe that 99.8% (which isn't all that high anyway)of diamonds are "blood free,"... why would you ever EVER want to have a rock that possibly symbolized human slavery, death, torture to also symbolize a life together with your soul mate?

Think of the Ivory Coast; it's still happening today. It disgusts me knowing that women indeed do know, but they still need to get a rock bigger than their best friend's.

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TOM said...

You are so right, Diamonds..Gold..Those commerciaals for give her a diamond and show you care..WTF..I think give her respect and be there when she needs you should be more than enough..