Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Clothing Review: Herve Leger vs. Pleasure Doing Business

Just a few examples of my bandage collection
The first two are Herve Leger. The last one is a Pleasure doing Business top and skirt.

So, yesterday, I received my Neiman Marcus order of the Pleasure Doing Business top. I originally bought this because the Pleasure Doing Business skirts are very nice.

Pleasure Doing Business skirts really really squeeze you in. In fact, they hold you in more than Herve Leger. Also, Pleasure doing Business skirts sizing is somewhat inconsistent. However, usually BCBG xs is the same as Pleasure doing Business xs. Sometimes, especially when the PDB skirt has a knit pattern, it runs smaller than BCBG.
So, in short, I really like Pleasure Doing Business skirts.

However, the Pleasure Doing Business top did not meet my expectations. :( It was extremely difficult to get on even though it was the right size, AND the fit just was not comparable. It smooshed down my chest unflatteringly, and had some extra room around my rib cage in the front EVEN though it was tight on....

If you want a killer bandage dress, my conclusion is to stick with Herve Leger or BCBG power dresses.


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Good choice of camera there.

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