Monday, August 9, 2010

Outfit of the Day: Zoe Saldana and PAIGE JEANS!

This outfit is simple but looks REALLY cute. It includes a tight fitted shirt topped with a scarf. Every stylish girl has some nice heels. But, what makes this outfit look amazing are the JEANS, some perfect fitting tight straight or skinny jeans. Perfect jeans are hard to find and are a true necessity to any person's wardrobe. My very favorite brand of jeans are Paige. After discovering them, it has convinced me to donate all of my other jeans to Goodwill. Well, except for Frankie B. and J&company (both are dangerously low hipped jeans-- very sexy if worn with a shorter shirt) Yea, Paiges are that great and my FAVORITE!

The most noticeable thing about Paige jeans are that they make your butt look AMAZING! The jeans are not loud with a lot of pocket embellishment. You wouldn't know how amazing they are just by looking at them on the rack. The key to their success is the tailoring. They are made to make a woman's body look... like well, a WOMAN'S body! I always get compliments when I wear these jeans! :)

I've also had quality issues with Seven for Mankind, Joe's, etc. These jeans just stretch out over time (particularly Joe's), and I'm not going to spend designer prices for stuff that doesn't last. A five year old pair of Paige's have the same fit, and look of a new pair! Just make sure you don't change sizes! It's the best way to keep your weight down: Own Paige Jeans! lol
Even if their quality wasn't as good, their fit is superior for my body.

RATING for Paige Jeans:

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