Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tip: I get all my makeup for FREE

I get all my makeup and then some for free. Wonder how I do it?

Well, I transfer my prescription every month to a different pharmacy. It goes from CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, Target, Kmart, etc. Each time I transfer, I take a prescription transfer coupon that gives me a (usually $25) giftcard. So each time I get my prescription each month, I also get a $10-$25 giftcard. With this, I purchase any makeup, shampoo, brushes, etc I may want to try.

Now, sometimes, it's difficult to find these coupons. Below is a tip:

1. Goto Bing.com 2. Search for: w-content/images/pharmacy/ site:riteaid.com
It will list coupons posted by riteaid all the way to 2008, just look through the search results, the latest one is usually on the 3rd page.

Best of all, CVS takes competitors prescription transfer coupons. So, you could just switch from RiteAid<--->CVS repeatedly.

The $25 giftcards rack up pretty fast. In fact, I still have over $100 in giftcards for drugstores in my wallet!


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