Monday, August 16, 2010

Great Find: Excellent priced Orange Lipstick

Milani Orange Gina on the left, Milani Mandarina on the right!

I don't know how long I've been looking for a lipstick that is very orange but costs less than $10. Either way, last week, I FOUND IT!

The problem is that most makeup companies just don't produce a color like orange. It's usually a muted coral, or a pinkish coral, or it's really sheer. And, the few companies that do: Like MAC Neon Orange or Bobbi Brown Orange are expensive.

Milani Orange gina is a true orange color, not sheer and has lasting power. Milani Mandarina is a BRIGHT orange color, not sheer either and also has lasting power. I got each of these for under $5.
Color applied matches the color that you see from out of the tube.

I love orange lipsticks. It somehow gives me a very healthy bright glow.

I believe Mandarina is being phased out; I cannot find it at all online. But, I was able to buy it from CVS just last week.

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Anonymous said...

been wanting to buy orange lipstick. i've went around but couldn't find the exact shade i want. started using orange lipstick in colege and that was almost 2 decades ago. i have a few but not satisfied with the shade.

i envy you. the colors of these lipstick look like the shades i've been looking for.

this is shie.