Friday, March 23, 2007


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Ok... recently, I have read a lot of inaccurate information from reputable sources. Seriously, do a little tiny bit of research and get your facts straight before you write. People are getting WAY too much credit than they deserve!

For example, MIT research on polyester sutures were blown WAY out of proportion.

According to Eurekalert!:
"With the help of a new type of suture based on MIT research, patients who get stitches may never need to have them removed."

Without their help, you can still get dissolvable stitches that never have to be removed! It's been around for years now, ok? geez! I'm annoyed, because wrong information is fed all the freaking time! The real inventors are disrespected and never get credited, and people who haven't done anything new are applauded.
If I was smart enough to come up with something novel, I'd want credit, damn it! Don't dish it out unfairly!

It's sad that someone like me, who has very little knowledge, biology wise, have picked up on so many mistakes on stem cell research (ESPECIALLY), etc, recently!

There are many types of dissolvable stitches already in existence. Ones made from synthetic fibers that the body can break down, like the ones above, ones from silk, processed collagen, etc.

Now, the MIT group is working with this synthetic to make a scaffold. This, I believe has not been done, but they haven't done this yet either... They are attempting to do so, so this may be of some merit in the future. But for now, don't call it the first dissolvable suture!

People have to be VERY careful about what they can believe on the internet (except you can always believe me, jk). It's the epitome of open source. Anyone can write about anything and pawn it off as truth!
Don't believe me?
Look, even HowStuffWorks knows about this...

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everything on the internet is true.