Thursday, March 1, 2007

Dirty Nerds

There are two types of nerds in this world... the really gross type that are sexually dysfunctional, covet superheroes, follow anime, love everything Japanese and do really weird things such as that... We will call this type A nerd.
And, then there are the types that I like: know a good balance of intellect, management, and also being socially normal, and above all not being grossly pathetic... type B nerd.

I would consider myself type B... not really sure if I deserve the term "nerd," but if I did, I would be B.

Recently, the blogs that I follow have been depicting the type A nerd quite a bit. I've been very disappointed to say in the least.
There have been numerous links to porn, and scantily clad women (I don't know but, I thought these sites were SCIENCE related?)
And they even have really stupid stuff such as a booby mousepad... yea... ok... let me explain... basically, there is an anime character. You put the mouse on the face, and your wrist rests between her breasts... I think this product just screams, "LOSER!"

I guess it's really weird to see all of this stuff in blogs that are supposedly academia or technology focused...

ah... blah... and I've been very disappointed with the quality of the blogs in general also. There just haven't been any good material as of late... maybe this is why they have resorted to type A... been very bored and unamused. And, coupled by the fact that I have not been able to have a whole lot of access to my computer recently, this leads to unamusing posts such as this... sorry...

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