Friday, March 30, 2007

Police Attitude

I think when some people are given power, they easily become corrupt. Maybe it's even most people when you consider the famous Zimbardo experiment. 24 random middle class college students of healthy mind and body were separated into two groups: officers and prisoners. The experiment lasted for less than a week because "the officers" became so violent!

Maybe this explains what I call "police attitude." Have you ever watched the show, Cops, and thought to yourself, "Does he really need to handle that guy like that?" I sure have. Keep in mind, these police officers KNOW they're on camera too!
Time and time again, we hear about police brutality...
I came upon this horrific story of a man, with a pristine record that was killed for absolutely nothing.

This unarmed man was zapped with a taser 3 times, and then shot 3 times directly at his vital organs. He was trying with all his might to raise his hands up, but this was impossible given the fact that they were shocking him to the extent that he was throwing up all over. A contractor and his wife and two children witnessed the entire scene. Their protests did nothing.

How sad is that?!? In front of children too...

Now, since this was a murder committed by agents of the state, the WPD has taken full actions to cover their tracks.
In fact, if the victim had not been a marine with absolutely NO history of anything bad, and a participant of volunteering, I may not have ever come across this article.



Andy said...

did you ever read/see the UCLAPD incident a few months ago in the library?

Anonymous said...

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